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Pink Sugar

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you like phone calls as first point of contact?

For me personally, there's a few reasons:

1. I'm autistic so I process information better in writing

2. A lot of people call pretending to be interested, only to be playing with themselves over the fantasy of booking

3. If the information is in writing, there's information for us both to refer back to and it helps with communicating what is being consented to

Why do you need a deposit?

A deposit is a means of security to provide peace of mind you'll show up but also to pay for time I take to prepare for the time together. I spend time doing hair & makeup, setting up the space specifically for our time based on what you're wanting to experience and I do not do any of this without some security. 

How can I be sure you're not a scammer?

I hear many stories about scamming and it breaks my heart! I completely understand the concern and that is why I have put a lot of time and effort in building a website, being present on instagram, twitter and tik tok and doing everything possible to show you I am not only the woman in the photos, but I am not here to take advantage of you. I have integrity and I do not believe in ripping anybody off. Your trust is essential.

How do you ensure you're not contracting / passing along STD's?

I am regularly screened via urine testing, swab of the vagina and throat, bloods and sometimes even anal testing if necessary. I like to keep a sexual health certificate or copy of results on hand to show for peace of mind but use of condoms is essential. I also conduct sexual health inspections on arrival (I inspect genitalia and mouth). I ensure every client showers on arrival and uses mouth wash. All toiletries are provided including deoderant, hand sanitizer and hand lotion!

Do you get STD tests?

Yes, monthly unless an accident has happened (broken condom or a client has tested positive even if we were protected).

Do you see couples?

I sure do! I have a lot of experience with couples and group dynamics. When contacting me I will ensure I build an understanding of what your needs are and ensure we have a safe space created with an understanding that consent can be withdrawn at any time should something you thought you wanted, is not feeling good for you. 

Do you see women?

Yes I do. I am genuinely pansexual (see my bio) and so I have dated and been with women in my personal life and am experienced with a woman's needs and desires. Everyone is unique so I still ask for your expectations and desires regardless, but I do not offer this service "just because"; I genuinely love women and have experience with intimacy with women.

Can I explore a new kink / fantasy?

Absolutely! I will always be honest in regards to what I am comfortable / experienced with and if I'm not the best suited provider for you, I will be transparent about that. I may even recommend you to someone better suited if this is available.

What does booking a Fly Me To You (FMTY) involve?

Fly me to you depends on the location and how long you are after. All FMTY will require a photo of you holding photo ID, A deposit for flights up front, sufficient notice (more than 48 hours), full payment on arrival. All flights, accommodation, meals, drinks and activities are at the cost of the client on top of my rate. Starting from $5000.

What is a timewaster and how can I avoid coming across as one?

A timewaster is the well-known pest of the adult industry and is someone posing as a client with no intention to actually book. Timewasters tend to look like people not treating this as the business it is with examples of:

- First point of contact not including information requested on the ad / website (e.g " Hi you available")

- Not reading the ad and asking questions already answered on the ad (e.g "Where you located" or "send me a pic")

- Chatting back and forth beyond reasonable communication (asking questions already answered or making small talk and taking up time without paying - remember this isn't a dating site, this is a business)

- Talking up a big booking but not going through with the requirements to secure

I understand that sometimes some sites can have so much information and be confusing to navigate, or maybe it's your first time making contact, or even perhaps English isn't your first language. Due to these factors, I give everyone a chance and will remind you of the information I need or may prompt you to read the ad. However, if you decide to ignore this and proceed with rude behaviour, don't be surprised if I bite at you and / or block you.

Things you can do to avoid coming across as one:

- Read the ad

- Introduce yourself and provide the information I ask for upon contact

- Send a selfie

- Pay the deposit

- Don't take up time with extensive chit chat. I don't mind clients checking in and seeing how I am or telling me about something exciting in their life as I do build relationships and I do care! I just have had someone book once and then message me 5 times a day every day asking what I had for lunch and what I'm having for dinner. 

Remember - I am a woman allowing a complete stranger to be intimate with me alone in an apartment, please do everything possible to show me you are not a danger! I do not take risks and I do not see people who don't follow the rules.

What do your services involve?

Due to QLD legislation (where I am based) I cannot describe my services online. I can however tell you it is all inclusive of what I offer, with the fetish-type services only available in bookings of an hour or longer. Please not that GFE etc is different for every provider and there is no "standard" anything when it comes to adult services. Every single provider determines their own rates and services as it is their body you are accessing. Any guilt tripping or comments made in order to make me feel badly, will result in blocking as I do not see people who presume they are entitled to anything they want with my body.

What separates you from other working girls?

I have 8 years experience in the industry (5 years as an on the side job, 3 full time) and I have worked idependently, in establishments, for agencies, stripping, sugar babying, making online content and webcamming. I have a lot of experience in full service and varied experience in the industry as a whole. This has helped me learn a lot about people's needs and what is required to provide more than just a service, but an experience!

I consider all the details:

- The way I present myself physically

- The company and conversation I offer

- Understanding and identifying when people are nervous / not comfortable and how to ensure a safe space is provided. 

- Ensuring you are not walking away feeling neglected / feeling regret

- Gauging what it is that is important to you in our time together - everyone is different

How much experience do you have?

As mentioned above, I have 8 years experience total so far. I have experience with men, women, transgender, couples, parties, group dynamics, companionship, mentoring, and more!

Do you have Only Fans?

I used to, but they banned me because people kept asking for my rates on there! I no longer have an online page due to focus on my in person clientele.

Do you do digital services?

I no longer offer this.

Can we chat casually? 

Only if it is paid and I am offering it. My time is not free and if this offends you, perhaps ask why you're feeling entitled to an escort's time. Respect is sexy!

Will you tell me your "real name"?

Asking for and intruding on my personal life is seen as boundary crossing. I have had clients stalk me, follow me home, hunt down my personal social media, contact my loved ones, etc. I take it seriously and I don't maintain relationships with people who can't respect that this is a professional relationship nothing more. I am not yours, I am a service provider.

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