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An appropriate contact template:


TEXT ONLY PLEASE 0410 093 583

Hi Hannah,

My name is (your name) and I am (age) looking at booking an (incall/outcall) on (date) at (time) for (duration of time). My ideal experience involves (describe here).

**The more information, the better to help me provide you the most personal and tailored experience possible.

**A phone call can be pre-arranged but all calls now go to voicemail for my discretion and also to avoid interrupting a booking (I use my phone for music in bookings and constant ringing interrupts and ruins the experience)

**If you call without it being arranged, or if you contact me without providing the information I need, I will ignore you or block you (repeat nonsense messaging), depending on how you approach.

**I receive a lot of contact so I need your help to make the process as simple and seamless as possible.

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Send me a query via email
(I aim to reply within 48 hours, Please text me for a faster response)

Thanks for submitting!

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